Banh mi bot loc – a unique dish in Quang Binh

Banh mi bot loc
Banh mi bot loc

In the land of Banh bot loc, an important ingredient to make a load of bread is Banh bot loc. Since then, the familiar name “Banh mi bot loc” has become a farorite dish of many people.

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About Banh mi bot loc

Appearing in Vietnam since French colonization, banh mi (the bread) has become a familiar dish to each Vietnamese. Each province has its owned way of processing or the featured ingredients.

Banh mi bot loc
Banh mi bot loc

Referring to Quang Binh, people remember to a special dish in here: Banh mi bot loc – a popular food to local people at the beginning of a day.

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Where it can be found

Banh mi bot loc can be found in most of markets in Quang Binh, on the sidewalk or schools with other dishes such as corn sticky rice or green bean sticky rice.

The cakes are small and nice with the white color outside and green bean, shrimp, pork and fungus inside. They are out into a plastic tub and become very eye-catching with some green onion above.

Banh mi bot loc
Banh mi bot loc

Another feature of this dish is the sauce. It is very simple with some familiar ingredients such as fish sauce, sugar and chili but contributes to create the strong favor for this dish.

With only 5,000 VND for the breakfast, anh mi bot loc comes to the cuisine culture of Dong Hoi people as a unique variation among hundreds kinds of Banh mi across our ountry.