King express train

King express train
King express train
On the route Hanoi-Lao Cai your guests to enjoy the charm of stylish travel to explore the land of ethnic minorities in northern of Vietnam. We provide an emotional experience on board as well as time to enjoy the pristine beauty of the mountains West Northern. King Express meet different needs to ensure the most convenient trip for tourists to Sapa.

King express train

King Express is a luxury cruise ship depart nightly Sapa and vice versa, with large amounts sufficient to meet the diverse needs of customers. We have 25 trains per cabin can accommodate up to 100 passengers.
King express train
King express train

The outstanding features of the King Express train:

– Wood-paneled interior, air conditioning 2 ways
– Quality of living clean and complete: blankets, sheets, pillows, water, cold towels served throughout the journey …
– Toilets are spacious, clean, stone tiles
– Lighting system inside and outside the cabin warm feeling
– Staff Customer Care service throughout the journey
Specifically, the following services:

Services include

* Tickets tourist train compartment 4-conditioned wood-paneled bed.
* Free delivery according to customer requirements.
* Staff pickup: Professional, enthusiastic, attentive Ga Ga Hanoi and Lao Cai. (Hotline: 0917 29 00 29)
* The quality of cleanliness.
* Blankets, sheets, pillows standards.
* Mineral water, cold towels.
* Trolley service throughout the journey.
* Invoice value-added (VAT).
King express train
King express train

The information related to value-added services

* Class Bussines, Deluxe, Deluxe Private service will be free confectionery.
* Private Deluxe Class will be free cake, candy, beer cans, cocacola / pepsi, flowers, blankets, sheets, pillowsspecial.